Italian Courses

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The Language center (CLA) organises Italian language courses. The courses cover levels A1 to C2 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and are for all foreign students at the University of Padova (eg: students on mobility exchange programmes, visiting professors, international students).

Communicative Italian language courses

Open to: 
Erasmus PLUScross-icon
Erasmus PLUS action KA107cross-icon
Erasmus Munduscross-icon
Bilateral agreementcross-icon
Students enrolled at the University of Padovachecks-icon
Professors, researcherschecks-icon
PHD studentschecks-icon
European Voluntary Service (SVE)checks-icon
Galilean Schoolchecks-icon
Students of LCM/MZLchecks-icon

Biannual courses

Open to: 9 th October 201712 th March 2018
Erasmus PLUSchecks-iconchecks-icon
Erasmus PLUS action KA107checks-iconchecks-icon
Erasmus Munduschecks-iconchecks-icon
Bilateral agreementchecks-iconchecks-icon
Student enrolled at the University of Padovacross-iconchecks-icon
Professor, researcherchecks-iconchecks-icon
PHD studentschecks-iconchecks-icon
European Voluntary Service (SVE)checks-iconchecks-icon
Scuola Galileianachecks-iconchecks-icon
Students of LCM/MZLchecks-iconchecks-icon