Biannual courses

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Open to:from October 2022from March 2023
Erasmus PLUSchecks-iconchecks-icon
Erasmus PLUS action KA107checks-iconchecks-icon
Erasmus Munduschecks-iconchecks-icon
Bilateral agreementchecks-iconchecks-icon
Student enrolled at the University of Padovachecks-iconchecks-icon
Professor, researcherchecks-iconchecks-icon
PHD studentschecks-iconchecks-icon
European Voluntary Service (SVE) at the university of Padovachecks-iconchecks-icon
Scuola Galileianachecks-iconchecks-icon
LLM, LCM studentschecks-iconchecks-icon

1100 available places in the 1st semester 2022/23.

Those places are assigned according to the chronological order of the enrolments.

After all 1100 places are assigned, a waiting list is opened.



Both, first and second steps are mandatory.

The number of courses for each level is defined according to the results of the self-assessment tests.








Course structure and lengtht

Self-assessment test and course contents


Class and schedule choice

Final tests and credits


Giving up your place

Self ­study