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These courses of Italian are NOT open to ERASMUS and BILATERAL AGREEMENTS students.


Aperti a:Grammar
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Academic Writing
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Erasmus PLUS azione KA107cross-iconcross-iconcross-iconcross-icon
Erasmus Munduscross-iconcross-iconcross-iconcross-icon
Accordi bilateralicross-iconcross-iconcross-iconcross-icon
Iscritti all'Università di Padovachecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-icon
Docenti, ricercatori, assegnistichecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-icon
Servizio Volontario Europero (SVI)checks-iconchecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-icon
Scuola Galileianachecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-icon
LLM, LCM and MZL studentschecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-iconchecks-icon

These courses of Italian are 15 hour intensive courses which aim to improve different language skills. There are three different courses: 1. Grammar, 2. Speaking 3. Academic Writing, 4.Phonetics

Each course is activated with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 participants per class.

No placement test is required.

If you want to attend one of the courses, please read the descriptions below carefully. You may attend one of the course freeof charge.

The Language Centre does NOT assign university credits (CFUs)  for these courses.

Publication of classes


Location of courses



The Language Centre can not register CFU/ECTs for these courses.