Body, Gesture, Speech-related Conference in Paris

The conference Becoming Aware in the Teaching Situation: Body, Gesture and Speech announces its call for papers.
Conference Languages: French and English

Organized by the research groups LIRTES, TEC and IMAGER in partnership with the School of Teacher Education and Training of Créteil, this event will take place at the University of Créteil on May 25-26, 2016.
The deadline for proposals is March 31, 2016.

Proposals may be sent to the address indicated on the conference website:–702452.kjsp

Accepted proposals will focus on the topic of body and gesture in the acts of teaching and learning, with special emphasis on the following key issues:

* Embodied dimensions of gesture and speech adjustment
* Emergence, awareness, and reflective practices
* Verbal and non-verbal language
* Body, gesture, intuition and emotion
* Experiential teaching training and education