International Conference on “Multilingualism in Society, Politics and Education” from 16-18 March, 2017

The Language Teaching Centre of the University of Freiburg will host the international conference on “Multilingualism in Society, Politics and Education” from March 16-18, 2017.

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Elizabeth Lanza, University of Oslo, Norway
Rosemarie Tracy, University of Mannheim, Germany
Natalia Gagarina, Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS), Berlin, Germany

The purpose of this conference is to bring together practitioners and researchers of language teaching and (adult as well as child) language acquisition, heads of language centres at higher education institutions, and heads of the language units at schools and other relevant institutions with decision makers from the fields of politics and social services. Combining the fields “education and teaching” and “politics and society” should lead to stimulating discussions and, ideally, novel approaches as well as new ways for implementing solutions.

We would like to invite contributions for the following strands:
Strand 1: Multilingualism Across the Lifespan
Strand 2: Multilingualism Policy as Integration Policy
Strand 3: Didactics of Multilingualism in Secondary and Tertiary Education
Strand 4: English Medium Instruction: Encouraging Multicultural Interaction?

Abstracts must be submitted by 15 November 2016 at the latest. For further information, see: