Marco Polo Programme

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IMarco Polo Programmetalian Language Course for Chinese Students

Marco Polo & Turandot Programme 2019/20

The University of Padova Language Centre (CLA) has 25 places for Chinese students on an Italian language and culture course for students taking part in the Marco Polo & Turandot programmes.

The Italian course for the academic year 2018/19 (related to the Marco Polo 2019/20 programme) will not be activated as the minimum number of students has not been reached. Interested students can contact other Universities that will activate the Italian course. The complete list is available on the Miur website.

Structure and rules of the Italian course

Length of course

Attendance and final Test

Other facilities

The course will be activated if there is a minimum of 15 participants. If the minimum number of students is not reached, all applicants will receive a full refund.


Accomodation during Italian course

Registration and Fee

Steps for registration

The above information only refers to the registration for the Italian language course. For all information regarding enrollment at the University of Padova, please visit the relevant page on the University of Padova website.