For students interested in improving their language skills autonomously, the Language Centre provides various options.




Via the CLA Moodle platform (enter with university Single Sign On credentials) students can access a large variety of online resources which have been gathered and catalogued according to level and type.

Other initiatives which take place at or through the Language Centre include:

  • Tandem Learning: students are matched with another student hoping to learn their language in order to create a reciprocal exchange providing opportunities to practice each other’s language.
  • Conversazioni CreAttive: small informal conversation groups mediated by a native speaker, available in various languages.
  • E-tandem: online language exchange with students learning through communicating with speakers of other native languages.
  • Language Advising: one to one meetings with an expert in language learning to discuss strategies, resources, methods and planning and organising studies.

Lastly, the Language Centre’s Multi-Media Library contains many different types of resources (both paper-based, e.g. textbooks, grammar books, dictionaries etc. and multi-media, e.g. audiobooks, DVDs, digital programs etc.), as well as worksheets specifically designed for use in self-study.