International professors, researchers, interns and volunteers

Italian version

Italian courses for professors, researchers, interns and volunteers

The Language Center (CLA) organises Italian language courses for the professors, researchers, interns and volunteers who are in permanent or temporary service (or visiting) at the University of Padova.
The courses cover levels Pre-A1 to C1 of the CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and are aimed at:

  • Professors and researchers employed at the University of Padova;
  • Visiting professors, researchers and staff;
  • Interns at the University of Padova (including Erasmus Traineeship students);
  • European Voluntary Service (SVE) volunteers at the University of Padova.

Courses types and structures

Intensive communicative

Italian courses


ContentsDevelop mainly communication and oral interaction skills.
LevelsOffered for CEFR levels from PreA1 to B2.
PeriodsProposed each academic year in February, July and September.
Duration30 hours of intensive classes, organised within 2/3 weeks.
EnrolmentRegistrations open in January, June and July.


Italian courses


Contents Develop all language skills.
LevelsOffered for all CEFR levels from PreA1 to C1.
PeriodsOne session proposed for each semester.
Duration40 hours of classes and 10 of self-study, organised throughout the semester
(2 meetings of 2 hours each per week).
EnrolmentRegistrations open in September and February.
CreditsOnly Erasmus+ and Bilateral Agreement students can obtain 3 ECTS.