Language certifications recognition

Versione in italiano

The Language Centre has created a table – provided purely as a guide – containing the main language certifications and their equivalent to the levels indicated by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you have a certificate of those listed in the table you can request that it be recognised by your School.

Table of Language Certifications (in effect since March 1st 2023)

The table only contains international certifications. If you have qualifications from other sources such as schooling (equivalent to a high school diploma) carried out abroad or in an international school in Italy or within programmes of international agreements between Ministries of Education (for example EsaBac) then these may be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Recognising external language certifications is carried out by each School/Degree Course, not by the Language Centre. The procedures followed can be found on the websites of each School or Degree Course, in the section dedicated to language requirements: