The University Language Centre organizes language tests as follows:


1. Students who are applying for the Erasmus outgoing CALL – NOT WINNERS yet:

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish. Test Dates (1st call): 11 or 12 January 2024  – Where: at the CLA, Lab. 2E. – Registrations: from 16 November to 20 December 2023 (ultimate deadline). More information can be found in the registration area. REGISTER HERE. In order to be able to attend the Test in presence at the CLA, an online placement is required (deadline 20th December). More information in the registration area.

Test Dates (2nd call): 22 March 2024  – Where: at the CLA, Lab. 2E. – Registration: from 1 to 18 March 2024.

Students whose study plan already includes the “TAL” (same language and level required for the Erasmus call) CANNOT take the test during these sessions  


2. Students who have already accepted the Erasmus scholarship. 

Several test sessions will be planned from March to November 2024. The scheduled dates will be visible here by the end of the year 2023.