Academic English Courses for PhD students – A.A. 2023/24


Since 2013 the Language Centre has provided Academic English courses every year for PhD students of a specific cycle at the University of Padova (last a.y. priority was given to 38° Cohort).  Starting from the 2021/22 a.y., thanks to the extra resources made available by the University of Padova, the CLA has been able to expand and diversify the courses it offers, both in terms of content and of course type.

The courses are free and are only for PhD students of the cycle indicated.




The 2023/24 courses are for PhD students of the 39th cohort (first year) and for those of the 38th cohort who started their PhD in January/February 2023. Students will be asked to take an obligatory entry test in October 2023 (on 19, 20 or 27 October). Test and course registration will open on 4th October and close on 15th October.

An extra session of the entry test has been planned for 14th December 2023. This session is ONLY addressed to 39th Cohort students who started on 1st November 2023 and to international students who were NOT yet in Padova in October (or to students who were abroad for research purposes/at a conference). Test and course registration will open on 27ht November and close on 10th December.

Further information and the link for registering to the test and the courses can be viewed at this page.