IELTS certification – preparation courses at the CLA

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The Language Centre organizes IELTS exam preparation courses (IELTS Academic), taught by highly qualified teachers. These courses are intended to provide support for those aiming to achieve a score of about 6.5 (B2 CEFR level) and focus mainly on oral and written production skills.
Therefore, the courses are aimed at those who have already achieved a level above B1 of the CEFR, assessed through a mandatory placement test.
The courses are mainly aimed at practice through practical tests simulating the exam. Therefore, they are not general English language courses.

The course, lasting 30 hours, includes 10 lessons of 3 hours each.

The CLA organises IELTS preparation courses on a monthly basis.

Course recipients

Course registration fee

Admission test

Calendars and course registration

Face-to-face course from May to June 2024 - the course is canceled because the minimum number of participants has not been reached

Course via Zoom from April to June 2024 - registration closed

The Language Centre of the University of Padova is a test centre for the IELTS English Certificate.

All information, the exam calendar and the registration form can be found on the dedicated webpage: