Academic English Courses for PhD students – A.A. 2023/24

39th cohort and 38th cohort (PON scholarships) 

The courses listed on this page are free and priority will be given to PhD students of the 39th cohort (first year) and to those of the 38th cohort who started their PhD in January 2023 (PON scholarships).

Purpose of the Courses: to review and develop English language competence in academic speaking and writing contexts with a view to identifying and resolving areas of individual concern. To explore a variety of formal academic speaking situations and more informal academic occasions. Tasks will also focus on raising individual awareness of abilities and on strategies for further developing skills.

Course attendance: over ZOOM. 

Compulsory ENTRY test on 19-20-27 October 2023 – (see the specific section below). An EXTRA SESSION of the ENTRY TEST will be held on 14th December. This session is ONLY addressed to 39th Cohort students who started on 1st November 2023 and to international students who were NOT yet in Padova in October. 39th students who will start in 2024 can join the next year courses (a.a.24/25)

Course type and content

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 As far as the CLA is concerned, these courses are not mandatory. However, the CLA is not in a position to know what each School’s Phd study plan includes or requires as mandatory (some schools may require an academic English course as obligatory). Each student should make sure that they are fully informed about this by contacting their specific school/phd student office.