Webinar: eLearning Task Force – Coimbra Group – 26 February 2014

Prof. David Seedhouse will present the next  Webinar of the eLearning Task Force (Coimbra Group) next Wednesday the 26th February  at 10am Brussels Time (CET). He has been developing a very interesting set of tools that have applications in many different academic disciplines and indeed across organizations.  Besides he is a specialist in the field of the philosophy and ethics of healthcare and health promotion but his work has extended far beyond this to encompass projects that encourage school and university students to debate critical issues of values and ethics.

To participate, could you please register at this website:
He has provided a short summary of his presentation:
Ethical Reflection Online
David Seedhouse will demonstrate the Values Exchange, a highly connected online network specifically designed to promote ethical thinking, education and research. In particular he will explain the Think Screen in which numerous philosophical concepts are embedded in a colourful, dynamic framework which encourages students to express themselves deeply. All results are immediately and transparently available to all participants, who can apply powerful filters to extract their own meanings from the data. An example Values Exchange can be seen here: http://nuigalway.vxcommunity.com